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Gandhi Marg is the premier quarterly Journal of Gandhi Peace Foundation published from New Delhi. It is a peer reviewed journal with a global focus and wide compass, and solicits papers from a range of disciplines from contributors all over the world on themes such as Gandhian thought, nonviolence and peace, conflict transformation, sustainable development, issues related to addressing basic needs such as food, shelter, water and sanitation, inequalities, marginalization, decentralization, ethics, among others. Through scholarly debates, the journal seeks to contribute to the tackling of the challenges to a dignified human existence. Its overall goal is to serve as a forum to communicate research on social alternatives to the dominant discourses on development and peace. Although the journal has a generic focus on normative concerns in social sciences, it welcomes articles of an empirical nature. However, since the journal endeavours to make its content accessible to academic as well as educated lay readers, scholars are discouraged to submit articles with an overdose of quantitative analysis. The Journal is partly supported by the Indian Council of Social Sciences Research, New Delhi. The most recent issues of the journal can be freely downloaded from the website.

GANDHI MARG began publication in 1957 as a quarterly journal. Mr S K George edited the first two volumes and was succeeded by Mr G Ramachandran. Until 1965, the journal was brought out by the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi. From volume X onwards the Gandhi Peace Foundation became its publisher with G Ramachandran continuing to serve as the editor for the next eleven years. In 1978, its publication was suspended. From 1979 onwards, it was re-started as a monthly journal and continued in that fashion for the next ten years with Shri R R Diwakar as the editor. For many years, T K Mahadevan was its publisher and associate editor. In 1989 the journal became a quarterly again, and the current series of volumes incorporates the ten volumes published as monthly from 1979 to 1988. From 1989 an external academic editor was brought in, with Prof Mahendra Kumar being the first in that line. Dr.Mahendra Kumar who edited the journal until the middle of 2005 died in early 2006 following a brief illness and was succeeded by Prof John Moolakkattu soon thereafter. Prof M P Mathai joined as editor in the middle of 2008 and the journal is currently being edited by both of them.

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