Best Hairstyle for Brides with Round Faces

Every woman wants their wedding day to look perfect on every front. A lady wants to have a hairstyle that draws attention for all the right reasons. When choosing any hairstyle, your face shape will determine if it will look amazing on you and for a bride, the pressure to look perfect can be overwhelming.

There are great hairstyles for brides and round faces suit many of these hairstyles. However, you will also need to consider a few other things when choosing a hairstyle for your big day:

  • The main purpose of your hairstyle is to create less volume around the face;
  • You may opt for a headpiece to make your face appear longer;
  • You need a hairstyle that compliments the accessories you have chosen for your wedding;
  • You will want a hair color that will blend in perfectly with your gown and theme colors.

These are some awesome hairstyles for your round face that will give you that wow look on your big day.

Side Accent Braid with Curls

This side-parted hairstyle works with medium length and long hair. It is curly and braided loosely on the side just along the temple from the side above the ear to the back of the crown. You can add a flower on the bobby pin holding the braid. You may choose to let the hair loose to the back, bring it forward to your side, hold it in a bun or a mid-ponytail and be sure to leave a few strands falling to the sides of your cheeks.

Front Crown Lift

This hairstyle is simple and easy to accessorize as it involves holding your hair back in a bun or a ponytail but with a puffed crown. You can use a teasing method or a bump to create a puff at the crown which makes your hairline look lifted giving you a slimming effect. If your hair is long, you can choose to do the hair at the back into a braid that flows to your side and add flowers or crystals for a shiny look.

Side Parted Faux Waved Bob

This is a wavy bob that is the length to your cheeks. A side parting makes it stylish and sweeps one side close to your eye corner. You can use a flowered bobby pin to hold one side by the ear for a more sophisticated look. This hairstyle is guaranteed to accentuate your facial features and give you a stunning look on your wedding day. This hairstyle goes very well with an elaborate neckpiece on your big day.

When choosing a hairstyle for your wedding, feel free to go above and beyond to get the best. Be assured that one of these will ensure you look your best as a bride.