Five hairstyles that complement round faces

Knowing what you want is very crucial when you are choosing a hairstyle for yourself. Your taste and preference set the base for the options you will look at. After you confirm that your face is round which is the first step in choosing a complementary style, figure out what you are looking in a hairstyle. Women with round faces are looking to achieve one of the following from a haircut:

  • An addition of length to the face;
  • A more sharp chin;
  • To smoothen out the cheekbones.

You should know if you want to celebrate your natural look or looking to get a whole new look. There are hairstyles that will complement your round face to give you an excellent exquisite appearance.

Side Bun with bangs

 This can be a medium-length or a long hairstyle depending on how long you like to wear your hair. Give your hair soft layers that begin below the chin when the hair is free and this adds volume to your hair more so if you have naturally fine hair. You may choose between a middle part and a side part. Move hair from one side back all the way to make a messy side bun. Leave a few strands of hair falling on the sides down to the chin so as to soften the cheekbones for a look that complements your round face.

Side Parted Blunt Bob

A blunt bob that falls to your chin will always have a complementary look softening your cheekbones and accentuating your other features. A side part gives you a sleeker look with one side being combed close to the corner of your eye that sharpens the top of your forehead. This look makes you look amazingly hot effortlessly.

Soft Ponytail with a Long Fringe

When you have a round face and want to keep your hair long, a ponytail will work wonders with a long fringe. Hold it loose and soft leaving long strands of hair next to the fringe. Have your stylist cut the fringe long and sweep it to the side as soon as it touches the eyebrows. The loose strands make this fringe an attractive and alluring look. This hairstyle will complement your round face and will draw attention to all the right features.

Short Side Swept Pixie

This Pixie has longer hair at the top which is swept to the side and will take your look to a whole new level. It is now associated with courage and strength and every young lady wants this awesome haircut. The sideburns are well-trimmed and angular and letting the top hair slightly fall into your face as you sweep it to the side will give you a slimming effect.

The hairstyle that you choose will only look great on you if you believe it is best for you. When choosing, be confident and select a hairstyle that makes you feel great and beautiful. You can always use the link shared by peers and celebrities with round faces. You can find great hairstyles to choose from on the site that has been shared more so if you like the hairstyles that the person who shared chooses.