Blonde Short Hairstyles for Round Face

Ladies with blonde hair have a lot of fun with hairstyles as there are many haircuts that go very well with a blonde. However, when choosing a short hairstyle, they need to be careful so as to ensure the shape of their face is well complemented. When you are choosing a hairstyle for your blonde hair, the first step is confirming you have a round face:

  • Your cheeks will appear fuller or chubby;
  • Your face and length should be similar;
  • Your chin should be smooth rather than sharp.

These amazing hairstyles will make sure you look awesome with your blonde hair and round face:

Side Swept Lob

A Lob is a long bob that barely touches the shoulders. This hairstyle is perfect for both straight and curly blonde hair. Give it a side part and sweeping on the side all the way to the back of the ear or hold in place with a bobby pin just above the ear. The side sweep draws attention away from the symmetry of your round face and gives you an elongated appearance.

Long Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

The hair at the sides and back is cut relatively short and the top is cut long with long bangs. The bangs are swept to the side and the long top gives the crown of your head a lift and an illusion of length. It is a hairstyle that will give your blonde hair a messy flattering look.

Short Soft Curly Bob

A flat iron can make excellent soft dented curls for your blonde hair. Have the back cut to barely touch your neck and the front and sides to your chin. A middle parting will look more attractive and let it fall to your sides. The blonde color will shine with the right treatment and the dented curls will give a smart framing effect to your round face.

Side Braided Bob

A look that accentuates your facial features is what you get with this hairstyle. The hair is cut the same length to barely touch your shoulders with a side part. The side with the part is braided softly towards the back while the other side falls free to your side.

Sidecut Pixie Cut

This is a sidecut that is most suitable if you have thick voluminous hair. The remaining inch of the hair on the sides is swept to the side using gel that makes it smooth and shiny. The top is cut long and side-swept with strands passing across the forehead.  It is easy to maintain and will give your round face some length.

Blonde hair looks awesome with almost any hairstyle and with a round face, these short hairstyles will give you an excellent appearance. They will complement your round face for a beautiful appearance.